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Indoor LED obrazovky outdoor LED obrazovky {Fényújság / Fényreklám}

Name : Opona LED obrazovky p 31.25
Best view distance : 107m
Mark : SBC
Certificate : CE,RoHS,Fcc


The bar-shaped special full color LED display belonged to the group of display for both outdoor and indoor use is mainly applicable to the outdoor extremely large live LED display project.
In order to ensure enough luminance of pixels for outdoor display project, the silicone sealant has been used to seal the front surface of the modules for waterproof treatment and the color of silicone sealant corresponding to color charthas been customized to the requirement of project for coordinating with the color of the outside wall of the building.
The outlet cable of module is made of silicone material with supreme high£¦how  temperature performance and matched with specialized waterproof connector. The specialized whollysealed waterproof structure of modules can make the display reach IP67 of protective grade and suit varieties of indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature environment within operating temperature range of -20℃¡« +80℃, and even work in the rain.
Multiple modules can compose a full color LED display wall.
It can be used as linear light source instead of the digital tube, and the lighting effects of linear light sources consisted of continuous pixel light are more excellent.
It can be combined freely  in different shapes and installed conveniently without influencing the appearance and structure of the original object.
Bar-shaped full color video LED display is mainly used in the display occasion and environment of low brightness where the requirement for the display effects is not very high, the translucence and bigger pixel pitch and the super huge screen with some decoration effects are required, therefore, it is a kind of display listed between the common display and the illuminating and lighting display.
The displaying unit of the display is bar-shaped, and the assembly components of which are made of professional Aluminum profile,therefore, the assembly of the display units can be made in horizontal, vertical and oblique directions, the displaying units are connected by the waterproof joints.
Because the display unit is bar-shaped, many special-shaped displays such as the inside curve display, the outside curve display, the outside round display , the inside round display, the S-shaped display and the ball-shaped display can be ability, it has the displaying effects which can not be realized by the ordinary display.
The bar-shaped full color video LED display has the advantages such as the lighter weight, better anti-wind abi-lity, easier installation, finer heat dissipation, both front and rear service, better waterproof function, lower cost Installation framework and multifunction without fan, etc.
Front maintenance  is available.



Pixel pitch                                  31.25mm

Unit panel size                           750mm x 750mm

Pixel density                              1024dot / m²

Brightness                                  5000 CD / m²

LED Encapsulation                      SMD & DIP

Horizontal view angle                 > 140°

Vertical view angle                     > 120°

Life                                             100000 hours

Average power                          300 W / m²

Weight / Module                        5 kg

Display colors                            4.4 trillion

Refresh rate                              1500Hz / S

Driving mode                             static

Working temperature               -20°----  +45°C

Input signal                               Data DVI up to UXGA, SDI, HD-SDI, S-video, composite, YUV 

Failed LED rate                          <0.0001

Quality certification                  ETL, CE, TUV, FCC class A



Hohhot, Inner Mongolia Square LED Curtain Screen Project

Project Location: Inner Mongolia, Hohhot Square
Product Specifications: SC107W
Item Size: length 35m * Hight 23m = 805 sqm
Screen Quantity: 1 pc
Completion Time: April 18, 2008



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