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Indoor LED obrazovky outdoor LED obrazovky {Fényújság / Fényreklám}

Name : Three-faces screen - led obrazovky - p 31.25
Mark : SBC
Origin : Shenzhen
Certificate : CE,RoHS,Fcc


Our display stands at the most prosperous business district, Shenzhen - Mangrove Bay, here is for shopping, business, culture, entertainment, residential and leisure and being one of Shenzhen's composite business community landmark, Shenzhen, high end consumption area; has many population movement. There is no doubt the huge influence of advertising.



Pixel pitch                              31.25mm

Size of module                          250mm x 250mm

Pixel density                             1024dot / m²

Brightness                                 4000 CD / m²

LED Encapsulation                     plug-in board  

Horizontal view angle                > 140°

Vertical view angle                    > 120°

Life                                             100000 hours

Average power                          300 W / m²

Weight / Module                        20 kg

Display colors                            4.4 trillion colors

Refresh rate                               3000 Hz / S

Driving mode                             static

Working temperature                -20°----  +45°C

Size of cabinets                         1000mm x 1000mm

Input signal                               Data DVI up to UXGA, SDI, HD-SDI, S-video, composite, YUV

Failed LED rate                           <0.0001

Quality certification                   ETL, CE, TUV, FCC class A 



Project Location: Guangdong Shenzhen Mangrove Bay

Product Specifications: P31.25
Item Size: length 18m * hight 6m = 108 sqm
Screen Quantity: 1 pc
Completion Time: October 20, 2008


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